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Grooved Golf Swing - How To Deal With Your Trouble Golf Shots

Here is an alternative method you can use to get out of heavy rough. This is especially useful if you have a tree in the way and you have to hit a low running golf shot. It is also a useful way to get distance from the rough where a low running shot will do the job.

If you consider you need a six iron to fly the golf ball to the green, take your four iron from the bag and use this. Place the ball well back in your stance, say just inside your right foot.

Now, you hit steeply down on the ball and hit it hard using a punch type shot. The ball will come out low and you will get lots of run. It doesnt look great, but you will be well pleased with the distance you get.

You will quite often be in a situation where the ball is below or above your feet. Even on the fairway that slopes from one side to the other.

If you hit a normal shot with the ball below your feet, you will find that the ball fades to the right. If the ball is above your feet, the opposite will happen and the ball will draw or even hook.

Set up in your stance to compensate for the movement of the ball.

Soif the ball is below your feet, with the danger or likelihood of a fade, allow for this in your set up. Aim to the left a bit. Do the opposite for the ball above your feet aim to the right a bit.

Always remember, if the ball is really below your feet, say about a foot, bend your knees, and hit down on the ball in exaggerated fashion. Keep your head still, watch the ball and dont bother about follow through.

Now you are in a divot hole that some caring person has failed to repair. You have just hit a good drive too, and you just cant believe it when you see where your ball has stopped. Yeah, in a divot!

Well, if you know how to play your ball from here, the divot should not make too much difference.

The first method you can use is a punch shot. This will cause your ball to run onto the green. If the way is clear to the flag, use this method.

You do it by having the ball well back in your stance, say, a couple of inches inside your right foot.

Hands must be ahead of the ball and they must stay ahead during the complete golf shot. They must be ahead of the ball at impact.

So important! Take your club back to complete a three quarters swing, and hit the ball firmly. You must keep your head still. You should practice this shot so that you have a good idea how far the ball will travel. If, however, there is a bunker or some other obstacle in your way to the flag, and you have to fly the ball, here is what to do. Move the ball forward in your stance, and open the club face. This will make the ball fly high and it will not go as far. So, you have to allow for this.

Here is another example of throwing the club head beneath the ball.

Make your swing and hit hard with your right hand. Take the right hand towards the target and keep the club face on line with the target for as long as you can after you have hit the ball. Do not let your right hand and arm roll over the left until well after you have hit the ball.

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